World of un-programmed information

A Bird’s and Dog’s Eye View

Bentley:  Leo, I just read an article that our Birds on the Brink visionary, Maxine Jones, wrote, “How To Communicate with Your Soul Using Holograms.”  She explains how information holograms are relevant to our soul experience. This article provided me with information, instruction, as well as guidance, on how to have a better interaction with that aspect of myself. Why not we make this article available to all our viewers? Can you tell us a bit more about holograms? All I can think of is Princess Leia from Star Wars!

Leo:  Well, when humans and animals are not in that survival dynamic or pushed every day to stay focused on their ability to get what they need to stay safe, they have an opportunity to explore the “more” that they are beyond survival. Beyond, meaning the world beyond this basic survival consciousness and all its agreements we live by.

What all living things are starting to discover is something we call a hologram. Holographic images are actually a form of communication that is far more universal to all living things. They’re a form of information transferred into oneself, rather than having to be transferred into the physical dynamic that converts information into a language of agreements and communication. This conversion of information into the physical realm diminishes one’s individual perspective and the pureness of the information. It puts the experience into agreements with the collective consciousness.

From a universal dynamic, it is so much easier to transfer information through a hologram to the soul than into the physical world. The hologram actually links with the more internal part of life rather than the temporary ego and body. It links directly with the soul and Spirit that moves through all things. So, when it comes to communicating through the information of the soul, it can be done through a more universal pathway: hologram to light rather than through language and agreements.

Bentley:  Okay. Then would you say that information always exists in the vastness of the universe and how we access it or filter it becomes a choice? So when we filter information through our soul, rather than filtering it through our ego and the world of energy, we can have a totally different experience?

Leo: Correct on both counts, Bentley. When we allow universal information through our soul, we get to have an experience that is ours and not that of the collective with all its agreements that directs how our experience should be. We get to have our “experience of our experience” and none other!

Great idea to show this article to our readers, Bentley. “How To Communicate with Your Soul Using Holograms.”  To read the entire article, they should just click: Information Holograms


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