Meet – Do – Re – Mi – Our Musical Beauties

Thanks to all of your suggestions. Our Lovebirds have names now.

Bentley:  Leo, it is time to name our three Lovebirds. All the suggestions for names were just great. And funny. And creative.  Some of my choices were Love, Hope, Peace; Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3 – I’ve always enjoyed Dr Seuss. What were yours?

Leo:  Oh, boy. I liked Sunshine, Partly Sunny and Cloudy. Or Larry, Mo and Curly.

Bentley:  And Bippity, Boppity, and Boo.  One person suggested we call one Peaches. Or how about Twinkie, Oliver or Moon? Harry or Violeta?

Leo:  So, because we just couldn’t decide, we put them all in a hat and ta-dah! It’s Do, Re and Mi. Musical beauties indeed!

Bentley:  Thanks to all the people whose creativity helped to name our lovely lovebirds.

Leo:  Yes, this was fun. let’s do it again sometime!


leo and bentley