“The Perch” a bird’s and dog’s – eye view
(with co-hosts Leo the Macaw and Bentley the Maltipoo )

Bentley:  “Hey Leo, what do you think 2018 will bring in your life?”

Leo:  “I don’t know, Bentley, but I’m sure curious to see.”

Bentley:  “Why are you curious? I kind of like things to stay the same and know what’s going to happen ahead of time so I’m not surprised.”

Leo:  “Well, when I’m curious and allow the potential of life to be revealed as I go along, I no longer have a need to control things and that’s freeing for me! What works best for me is to see things as they are and look to what’s next.”

Bentley: “Oh, now I get it. Beyond seeing things as they are or ‘it is as it is’  in the moment, there’s always something more. OK, I’m going to allow the ‘potential’ to show me in 2018. I’m curious and excited now about the new year, bring it on!”

leo and bentley


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