Water Water Anywhere?

We finished building the first flight for our birds but in order to get it up and running, we needed to find water. So we drilled and drilled–and we went deep–and found………..nothing. So we have hit a big limitation. Our next step in our discovery process is to find water and it’s going to cost us $10,000.

Phase One is getting our first flight up and running with an amazing temporary water system that will support the first flight until the whole project, including the second flight, is finished. Then it will connect up to the koi pond. Phase Two will be the filtering of the koi pond water. Once this is complete, we will have clean and healthy water for all our animals, cleaner than even our tested city water!

If you would like to donate to Birds On The Brink Sanctuary to help us get a well for our birds and other animals, please go here.

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