“We’re Growing”

Birds On The Brink Sanctuary is designed for endangered species and is adjacent to the Feathered Friends Forever Rescue. The Sanctuary is an area specifically created for endangered birds and all the living things they love. It provides an opportunity for people to connect with and learn not only about the birds, but other endangered species as well. Just some of the things it will consist of:

– (2) 18′ wide by 11′ high by 40′ long new Flights (see header photos above of the first flight)
– 12 x 16 Educational Building for information on all of the endangered species (photo below)
– complete new Bio-Pond providing birds “pure” drinking water
– newly designed bird feeding system
– assorted sizes concrete perches and concrete logs in the flights for climbing and perching
– newly designed bathing and drinking areas with free flowing water for the birds
– An antique-looking free-flowing water system complete with paddle wheel running throughout the sanctuary grounds

Our new Education Center for the endangered species area will look something like this:

Check back often to follow our progress!

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