An Improbable Valentine’s Day Love Story

Cats and birds are natural enemies, right? Well, it seems they aren’t always. The following is a true story.

We heard of a cat who sneaked into his people’s car and hid under the seat. The couple drove across a busy freeway and up into the hills to go for a walk, never noticing that the cat got out of the car when they did.

Once they returned home from their walk and discovered their kitty missing, they called a friend who is an animal communicator. The cat was up in the hills and lost!

The communicator told the kitty to look around and ask the wild animals for help. Not the predators, but the birds and bees. The birds came to his rescue. One group of birds guided the cat to the end of the birds’ territory and then handed him off to the next group of birds. And so on until they got to the freeway.

The cat had no idea how to cross it. The birds showed him a culvert that ran under the road where the birds frequently found water to drink. Under and through the cat went. And he finally got home.

Now, this cat was 11 years old and rather chubby. Once he got home, he was nice and slim. He needed all that fat to travel that far, as it took 5 days.

What’s amazing about this story is that the birds knew the cat was a predator but held no resentment toward him and helped him get home. They gave to him generously, but just never got too close!