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Simultaneity– A Matter of Time

Bentley:  I read in the Scientific American Magazine that, “In internet time, everything happens everywhere at once, that time has triumphed over space.” Leo, I think this article is referring to things happening simultaneously? Kind of like, thinking something and it showing up immediately or instantaneously?

Leo:  That’s right, Bentley, all things in the Universe happen simultaneously which the mind is absolutely attuned to, and for the mind to have to put time in place, it has to be a very specific ritual or training. That’s why we have a clock, for time speeds up and slows down. I think scientists are beginning to realize time is not linear, it’s not terribly predictable, and it’s not quite what we think it is.

Bentley:  So are you saying we created linear time on the Earth, while in the Universe or possibly on other planets it doesn’t even exist?

Leo:  You’re getting the idea now, Bentley. Time is a fabrication on the Earth as a consequence of what we’ve agreed upon to be true or real. When science began the idea of space travel they were concerned that you would get too old to return back to Earth because of the amount of time or the billions of years it took to move from point A to point B. In the early days, science didn’t understand that in space things don’t age because there is no time. That time lives within the protective boundaries of the Earth and it is really a form of energy.

Bentley:  So it’s like when I’ve been dreaming and things seemed disconnected, with unusual things communicating and happening, it felt like they happened in an instance or all at the same time? You know, maybe my dream state is just an opportunity to experience the physical world without time. I can’t wait to dream again!

Leo:  Doesn’t your dream state that you told me about, make you wonder that experiencing things simultaneously, or without time as we’ve defined it, is a potential and possibility yet to be explored? It wouldn’t surprise me that what we identify as time may not be anything we think it is in the bigger picture!

Leo and Bentley – “Birds on the Brink Sanctuary” Team Members who love to explore all of life!

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