Fluorescent Mineral Society to present at “Excite Your Curiosity”  
Sponsored by Birds on the Brink Sanctuary

The Fluorescent Mineral Society is an international organization of professional mineralogists, gemologists, amateur collectors, and others who study and collect fluorescent minerals. The society was founded in 1971, incorporated in 1993 and is managed and staffed entirely by volunteers from their worldwide membership of around 500.

Here’s what they’re about:

The mission of the Fluorescent Mineral Society is to bring together people who are interested in fluorescent minerals, and to introduce the public to the hobby of fluorescent mineral collecting. This mission is pursued by promoting fellowship and educational activities, and supporting research that increases basic knowledge of fluorescence and fluorescent minerals.

The society shares knowledge and experience in collecting, identifying, and displaying minerals which exhibit various forms of luminescence, including fluorescence, phosphorescence, triboluminescence, and thermoluminescence.

They represent the HIDDEN World of fluorescence that birds, bees and butterflies naturally live in. We humans have UV filters in our eyes which prevent us from seeing what these lovely beings can easily see! In other words, they see what we can’t.

Flower photographed under long and short-wave light

So if you’d like to see how birds, bees and butterflies see the world, come to our February 16 event and expect to be awed!

We’ve packed it full of education and experience that most people will have never experienced in their lives.

As you probably know by now, Birds on the Brink Sanctuary is an educational showcase.

FREE for everyone. Come to this extraordinary indoor event at the
Highgate Estate and Gardens (706-810-0900)
301 W. Greene St., Greensboro, GA
February 16th, 3pm to 6pm.