A Bird’s and Dog’s Eye View


Bentley:  Leo, we will also have Fluorite at the Sanctuary, do you know much about this crystal?

Leo:  Fluorite occurs in a variety of forms and colors, including colorless. One of my favorites is the green and blue fluorite octahedron crystals. Fluorite is the most fluorescent of all minerals and the only one that fluoresces a very distinctive purple or violet. And fluorite is extraordinarily abundant on the earth and in the universe, to the point that if you shine a particular light into the atmosphere, it turns a completely different color. That’s because of the fluorite.

Bentley:  I didn’t know that fluorite is also in the Universe, very informative. Does it have any metaphysical properties, like some of the other minerals we’ve discussed?

Leo:  Fluorite offers a stabilizing energy, calming anger and lifting one out of depression. It facilitates order, balance and healing. It helps with clarity of the mind and with some developmental disorders like ADHD, autism, dyslexia, or Asperger syndrome. It helps in situations where the brain has woken up and has multiple pathways beyond the linear pathway of survival. And, Bentley, isn’t it interesting that although each brain generally looks the same, individually they can function and express in so many different ways? Here’s an interesting fact: fluorite is a major source of fluorine and fluoride, and fluoride can be found in several psychiatric medications.

Bentley:  Well, I vote for fluorite being placed at the entrance to Birds on the Brink Sanctuary, as maybe it will help people shift beyond all their worldly concerns for a while.

Leo: Great idea.


Blue Fluorite Octahedron Crystal


Green Fluorite Octahedron Crystal