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World of Minerals

Bentley:  Leo, did you hear about the asteroid that fell into the ocean and it is being searched for. I wonder why it is so important to find?

Leo:  Asteroids are mainly composed of mineral and rock, not to mention bacteria. As you may know, Bentley, we use a lot of our Earth minerals to create energy of all forms and they are a very important resource for humanity on so many levels. Coal, oil, and iron are mineral based. We use them to energize things. Even when we use solar, minerals are used to put together the solar panels. We’re using a lot of the earth’s mineral base for power. And by shining different types of UV light on mineral rocks, we are able to discover some minerals we never even knew existed.

Bentley:  So an asteroid that lands here might contain an unknown mineral that could be of benefit to our civilization?

Leo:  Absolutely! Also, an asteroid that lands on Earth could potentially have a living force on it, which for now is being classified as bacteria. But who knows, we may find a whole knew classification of living things that we never knew existed? Scientist also study satellites that had crashed or returned to Earth to examine them for particles of things growing on them.

Bentley:  So, it’s kind of like, things under water grow barnacles on them, and things out of the sky or universe may grow things on them that is in the bacterial intelligence category?

Leo:  Yes, you are correct. So, Bentley, let’s focus on minerals this month on “The Perch” talk show. As you know, “Birds on the Brink” is fascinated with the hidden potential of minerals and consider it one of the living things that their birds love.

The Pallasite Meteorite, shown above, is composed of a lattice of nickel-iron with pockets of yellow-green Olivine or Peridot crystals throughout the meteorite. and contains a high proportion of silicate material. Pallasite Meteorites may have originated in planetesimals, although their composition suggests that they could be of volcanic origin. Pallasite Meteorite opens the cosmic portal with loving heart vibrations allowing one to experience the resonating vibrations between oneself and the universe. Pallasite Meteorite helps one lose the fear of expanding consciousness beyond the body. Pallasite Meteorite is for flying whether it is to release you from the fear of flying or facilitating astral travel. Pallasite Meteorite may be used to assist connection with the fairy and devic realms. Pallasite Meteorites potent energetic vibrations assists with manifesting prosperity and abundance in one’s material life and releasing scarcity issues. Pallasite Meteorite encourages thought brought forth through action into one’s reality.

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