My Journey Begins

Mr. T, our lone resident tortoise, recently decided to go on a holiday. He was gone for three months! We call it his walkabout. We asked him why he did it and what he saw. He told us in installments, which we now share. So…… is Mr. T. In his own words.

“I love living here. I’m the only tortoise so far, but I’m pretty sure I won’t always be. The people I lived with couldn’t keep me anymore, so they asked Birds on The Brink Sanctuary whether I could come here. They said yes! So they fitted me up with a nice little pen. I was kept from roaming too much by railroad ties around the pen. But I think they probably didn’t realize that we tortoises like to explore.

One day, I pushed aside the railroad ties and got about 100 feet up the road before they wised up and brought me back. I did it again on another day, got 50 feet, same result.

But one day Larry, one of my favorite humans who comes to see me a lot, came to tell me he was going away for a month to a far away land called Oregon to visit some family. I figured this was my chance to go explore some more of where I live.

So one night I really pushed aside the railroad ties and this time, I got away! I figured, why not?  It was spring, there’s plenty of vegetation, I wasn’t going to go hungry any time soon. And I needed to respect my natural tortoise instincts to explore. I wanted to familiarize myself with this land called Georgia.

Once I got off the road and into some shrubbery, the first thing I saw was a snake.

This was a friendly snake, she said hi, and showed me how to get farther into the woods. And I have to tell you, there is some good-tasting stuff there. I hung out with her for a while until she had to go slithering off somewhere and I was left alone.

But I realized soon enough just why she left. A coyote showed up and was a bit too interested in me.

I quickly pulled in my head and as much of me as I could into my shell. Fortunately, my legs and head are armor-plated! He got bored after a while and took off. Probably tortoise shell is not on his list of favorites.


Next time I’ll tell you about the deer and opossum I met. Come back and find out.”