If you keep up with the news, you’ll have heard that honeybees are dying out. Chemicals, climate and food are all contributing to their demise. One of the dangers we faced was losing them to heat or cold. Bees have to maintain a temperature of 95 degrees. So if the hive is too cold, they all get together and flap their wings to warm it. If it’s too hot, they stand around the entranceway and blow in colder air.

Birds on the Brink Sanctuary has the only climate-controlled beehives in the world. We designed hives that look like mausoleums, where the hives are slid into a wall in a building that’s heated, air-conditioned, humidified and dehumidified year round. So the bees don’t have to work as hard to cool it or heat it. Which means more production and reproduction by being in a controlled environment. We can make honey all year long!



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