BFFs at Birds on the Brink

Hannah is a blue and gold Macaw who came to us from an owner who was not well. Coca is a Sun Conure whose owner married and moved with her professor husband to Wyoming. (Whenever the professor returns to give a class in this area, he stops in to visit Coca.)

Just how did these different types of birds become such good friends?

Hannah loved getting into the cockatiel cage, which is tiny, 24 x 24 x 24. She looked like a 100-pound hog squeezed into a 2-pound sack! So we gave her her own cage. One day when we let Coca out, he got right into Hannah’s cage and hasn’t left.

When Hannah needs her feathers cleaned, Coca walks right up her back and helps clean. Coca is so light and small that Hannah can pick him up on her foot. And she always allows him to eat first.

Once we were frantically looking for Coca, who wasn’t anywhere in their cage. We found him sound asleep under Hannah’s wing!

We told both owners about this arrangement and they both said to leave them together. “Let them be birds!”

Hannah and Coca: Our resident Odd Couple.