Let The Energy Speak For Itself

A Bird’s and Dog’s Eye View

Bentley:  Hey Leo, did you know that the Monarch caterpillar does this kind of jerky movement that is often interpreted as anger or agitation, when they really aren’t at all. When a caterpillar moves into its chrysalis phase, it experiences this energetic vibrational movement to its body that causes this jerking. This unusual movement is in response to the environment of energy or force field that’s being created for their protection during this transitional phase. It’s similar to what humans might call prana or kundalini or chi. I really think Creation is quite remarkable to have this built-in this protective mechanism for the caterpillar!

Leo:  That’s fascinating, Bentley. When energy is moving around us or within us for whatever reason, we often want to interpret it into an emotion when there’s really no need to. While we have the inclination to label an energy we see or feel as good or bad, happy or sad, light or dark, we should just let it flow. Besides, when we label energy, it’s usually is not what we thought it was in the first place, just like in the case of the monarch caterpillar.

Bentley:  Yes, Leo, best to let energy flow……………..

Speaking of energy, I’ve been meaning to give you an update on Frank, the tortoise. You know Frank lost this life-long partner, Nancy, this past fall, and went into hibernation early. Everyone thinks he went into hibernation because he was depressed, but in reality, he was disturbed and disoriented by the loss of Nancy’s energy field. So often when we’re used to someone’s energy being present or we blend energies with other living things, and when that energy or psychic connection is gone or diminished, it can affect our well-being or functioning. Frank is not depressed, but needed to shut down to readjust and acclimate to life without Nancy.

Leo:  Again, we’ve come full circle to talking about how we interpret our world without ever knowing if our interpretation is relevant or even accurate. I guess it’s best to just be in every moment without any interpretation and let the moment show us.

Monarch Caterpillar in transition to chrysalis phase.

Nancy and Frank – what a connection they had!


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