The next best thing to the real thing!

This Birds on the Brink Sanctuary chewing tree is made from a steel welded framework with wooden two-by-fours sticking out. It is a structure that looks like a Christmas tree and provides a place for the birds to perch and chew wood. As they chew the wood and it falls off, you simply replace the wood with new two-by-fours. You can use a soft pine, dry pine or dry fir. It initially costs about $200 to make a complete tree, but once the steel frame is finished, it’s literally indestructible and all you’d need is $8 to replace the wood every now and then.

Once we renovate all the flights, there will be a chewing tree in each one. The smaller birds will have two-by-twos instead of two-by-fours.

In the wild, parrots typically fly from tree to tree, chew on branches and plant matter. While engaging in this chewing behavior, they likely derive some nutrition benefits plus, it allows for entertainment while keeping their beaks trimmed. So, at Birds on the Brink we do the next best thing for this innate behavior and provide our birds with a chewing tree as well as Gourmet Bird Seed.

Check out our Birds on the Brink Gourmet Bird Seed. To purchase it locally, go here. It can also be shipped to you from Amazon or Ebay.

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