Harnessing the Beauty of Nature

( Nature Mobile: Snake Fish )

One of the artistic creations we’ve brought into Birds on the Brink Sanctuary are the nature mobiles created by Ted Hatch. These are stunning representations of form using natural items found in nature itself: wood, stones, beads, minerals. You name it! Ted explains the purpose:

“Nature mobiles delve into the collective unconscious with imaginings of unsuspended flight when seen from afar. They create images and representations from combining plant and mineral materials that tend to awaken child aspects deep inside of ourselves, beckoning the wonders of unbounded flow. Close-in scrutiny of the mobile’s components presents the majesty of the natural world and its multitude of textures, colors, hues and shapes often offering surprise and joy. Viewers feel more than their five senses being engaged, which allows them to go beyond.

Nature mobiles expand indoor and outdoor spaces, building dimension, depth and meaning to the area. Even with just a tiny push or wind burst, they flow seamlessly to appear levitated, often imbalanced and comically incongruous.  Like Nature itself, they simultaneously allow for separation and connection and can be seen as stark or resplendent depending upon the viewer’s imagination and perspective.

A nature mobile both limits and expands the mobile form by principally using Nature’s gifts, arranged but not changed, a sculpted compilation but not a refashioning. Natural elements are collected and simply arrayed such as driftwood, cones, acorns, shells and mineral slices and beads, possibly with the addition of a sealing agent to help the objects better handle the weather.

A nature mobile is designed to include plants and minerals with at least one element presenting the semblance of an image or representation. For example, it may incorporate a driftwood branch recognizable as an animal or bird or tree. The various objects are then connected with swivels and hanging materials such as aluminum cord, fish wire or string.

Favorite images or representations of mine have been using driftwood found resembling: a bird perched on a branch, a flying Macaw, a swimming fish, an angling snake, an alien creature, redwood bark shaped like a heart, roots growing around a rock, all of which nature alone formed without human interference.

A nature mobile becomes an exploration, experience, expansion of the sense of space and time. Each transforms space in building depth, meaning and image to its setting.  It allows the fabrication of an expression of what might otherwise go beyond the physical, beyond memory and beyond emotion. A nature mobile can provide an iconic physical object that exists before human agreement defines it, as if seeing the iconic 2008 Obama “I Believe” poster in 1999.

Nature mobiles are more than simply allowing Nature to show its stuff, to shine, to be brilliant. Its fabrication reveals that what surrounds us and that we often take for granted is more remarkable than we can ever express in words.”…Ted Hatch

The Macaw mobile and the Dragon mobile

Bird-creature on a branch mobile

Africa Mobile

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