Dr. Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji with Fiona the Eclectus Parrot

Above is a photo of our own Fiona meeting the Swami when he visited Feathered Friends Forever Bird Rescue.

Swamiji has the largest aviary in the world. To create that, he researched all bird rescues and sanctuaries in the world and decided to visit two of them, one in Singapore and the other in Harlem, Georgia, Feathered Friends Forever. Before arriving, Swamiji mentioned that he loved Eclectus, so we brought Fiona to the airport to welcome him. She must have recognized a kindred spirit, because she immediately hopped onto his shoulder and hid under his beard for hours! Imagine the comfort and safety Fiona must have experienced in just being able to be with Swamiji. And the big smile on his face lasted all day.

If we were to define what a bird person is, Swamiji fits the bill. And so does Ron Johnson, facilities engineer at Birds On The Brink Sanctuary and creator of Feathered Friends Forever. Because Ron had developed state-of-the-art engineering pieces such as the feeding system, Swamiji, who never asks anyone to his ashram, invited Ron to visit him in India in 2015. So Ron, who knew nothing of gurus, disciples, swamis or India, went and had a fabulous time. And Swamiji’s ashram has a continuous loop video of his own visit to Feathered Friends Forever.

Bird Whisperer meets another Bird Whisperer!


           The colorful spectrum of birds in Swamiji’s sanctuary in India, Shuka Vana. Credit: sgslinks.com


To learn more about Swamiji and his life’s work, go here

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