Explore the world of the butterfly!

Do you have someone in your life who is a magical gardener? Someone who helps the plants, flowers, vegetables and all living things in the garden flourish?

For Birds on the Brink Sanctuary, that person is Sarah Haushalter, mother of our visionary Maxine Jones.

Sarah was a magician in the garden, she could make anything grow. In fact one year, she was unable to work in the garden, so her husband and daughter Sally planted instead. Not one single bulb came up that year! Which is impossible! But the next year, when Sarah did it? You bet, everything thrived.

As you approach Sarah’s Butterfly World, you’ll be greeted at its entrance by cement and metal sculptures of flowers and butterflies, and all the beautiful plants that attract butterflies. Once inside, you’ll experience 3rd-Dimensional High Definition butterflies fluttering around, with their wings going in and out through the walls. You’ll explore the Life Cycle of the Butterfly and view a short video that will transport you inside a chrysalis.

Absolutely nothing is more magical than witnessing the transformation (or metamorphosis) of a caterpillar in a chrysalis turning into a majestic butterfly!

Once Sarah’s Butterfly World is complete, we will let you know!