Support For All Living Things

At Birds On The Brink Sanctuary, we work to create an environment that is healthy and safe not only for our birds but also the butterflies, bees, and any other animal who happens to stop by. Once you come in and start excavating and changing and shifting and putting things where you want them rather than where nature put them, you must create a balance. So we asked ourselves: what will work that allows all things to exist but we manage where and how to put them?

For example, in the butterfly garden, we put in twice as many plants as needed in order for the deer, rabbits and anyone else who comes along to eat those plants. How we manage the gardens is a motive that allows the birds to come and eat the caterpillars, yet not feast on them or eat them all. They don’t feel like they’re at a buffet of one but are allowed to move around the property and do what they do. In nature, birds don’t over-graze on anything.

So that’s what the sanctuary is about: how do we support what we have, both naturally and those that are not natural in Georgia? Just as an invasive plant is not native,  the birds are also not native. But just because they’re not native doesn’t mean there’s not a space that can be allocated for them. It’s all in the balance!

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