A Bird’s and Dog’s Eye View


Bentley:  Another stone we will have on display at the Birds on the Brink Sanctuary is the Atlantisite stone, which is a fairly new discovery in the mineral world. It’s a beautiful combination of green Serpentine and pink-to-purple Stichtite, bringing together both of these mineral properties. It’s usually a yellowish-green stone with pink or purple inclusions and is sometimes called Tasmanite. I’m really excited to see it there!

Leo:  Bentley, don’t you think it’s interesting that this stone is called Atlantisite, as it probably reminded someone of Atlantis? Atlantis was a civilization that was on the earth that presented so differently than our present civilization. This stone represents slipping through time and space to a place like Atlantis.

Bentley:  Well, I think I’ll call it the “laughing Buddha stone,” because it makes me feel peace and joy when I hold it. I also heard that it dissolves the blockages and repairs the body’s energy channels. Again, slipping through time and space to be healed! Sounds like fun.

Leo:  Interesting that you pick up on that. Peace and joy are not based on emotion, feeling or survival. True healing is an experience devoid of the ego and is instantaneous, as it is without time and space. It is similar to living from your inside world beyond your current senses. Again, it’s living life from the perspective of your Authentic Self, not ego self. Oh, what a great stone this is for Birds on the Brink Sanctuary.


Leo and Bentley – “Birds on the Brink Sanctuary” Team Members who love to explore all of life!

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