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The communicator among all living things on and off the earth – Jadeite Mineral

Bentley:  Leo, did you hear that we are adding the Jadeite Mineral to our display at Birds on the Brink Sanctuary?

Leo:  Yes, I did hear that. I just love its luminous and transparent characteristics. What a significant addition to our display, as I don’t think many people know how important it has been to our ancestry. The Jadeite mineral is a beacon for a path.

Bentley: What on earth does that mean?

Leo: It means it’s a recognizable mineral that reminds us that we are on the earth. When coming on and off the planet, or in and out of different environments, what we’re looking for is something to guide us. Something to tell us if we’re in the right place, that we’re settling where we belong. Jadeite, as well as Jade, appears differently all over this planet to let us know we’re on the path that brings us back into our community. Basically, if you look for whichever of those that you’re most familiar with, you’ll find your way back home.

You will find Jadeite and all of its ancestry located in primary colonies on the earth. One such location that makes sense is China. The other one is actually in Russia, the area known as Mongolia. Other locations are India and South and North America, where it is a very important pathway for the native people. You also will find a form of it in Australia and Greenland, which seem to be very odd places for it, as they are both at extreme parts of the earth. Can you imagine it’s also found in Africa, especially in the area of Egypt? That’s because at one time the whole African Continent was linked completely with the Americas. So, we have the Egyptian orientation as well.

As the equator shifts, the north and the south shift, the earth’s axis continues to shift, and as the continents have moved over time, Jadeite has been a very important mineral for the pathway to direct people to where they belong when they come back onto earth.

So we at Birds on the Brink thought: if Jadeite has been used to find one’s orientation back onto the earth, couldn’t it also act as a bridge into the Universe? Why wouldn’t Jadeite have two-way characteristics, one guiding us onto earth and the other providing guidance off of earth? So we are using this beacon mineral at Birds on the Brink because it’s the bridge from one perception to the next, which goes both ways.

Jadeite is often used as a healing stone because it bridges communication, and isn’t that what it’s doing when it acts as a beacon or guidance system? For example, if a medicine is being used to communicate with the body on how to work it or feed it or harmonize it, it’s used to help the communication system between physical objects. Physical would be a plant, mineral or another mammal. Often it’s called a healer or a powerful communicator. So we can look at it as a guide stone or as a communication stone with a variety of ways we can use it to link it on the earth.

It has been here for a long, long time and that is why it has so many varied representations. If you put all the forms of Jadeite or Jade and all the ways it’s described, they’d be very different, yet you would have found that each of these colonies I mentioned use it for the same purpose. They often carve it or it form it into something treasured.

So at Birds on the Brink, we felt that if the power of this mineral communication takes into consideration so many things and works so well with humans, just imagine how it works with all living things: the birds and bees and butterflies and tortoises and all things that live on the earth. Then imagine the power of its communication with the things that live beyond the earth.

Bentley:  OK, Leo, I’m blown away by Jadeite. I’ve only known of the spiritual or metaphysical aspects of this mineral and not this universal perspective of it. What an extraordinary mineral it is. Once again, Leo, you’ve left me speechless!


luminous and transparent characteristics


Jadeite Boulder

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