Sulcata Tortoise

Mr. T is 25 years old and will live about 300 years. He will continue to grow in excess of 3 feet around and weigh over 300 pounds. Because he’s a desert tortoise, his habitat needs to maintain 100 degrees. In the morning, he’ll stick his head out of his curtain and if it’s too cold, he’ll go right back inside. If it’s warm enough, if you sit down and call him over to you, he’ll walk over and stick his head out so you can scratch under his shell.

His favorite food is raw sweet potatoes, which are essential to his diet. If he doesn’t get enough of that and other foods, his shell gets what is called spiking. Instead of a nice round shell, the middle will actually grow spikes. Not healthy for him.

Here he is enjoying his sweet potatoes and other yummy treats.