Our Native Plants

We’ve been walking the land at Birds on the Brink Sanctuary and discovering all sorts of wonderful plants and flowers. This land was originally the home of Native Americans. When they moved on, many farmers came in to use the land but our land was never one of those. It was never farmed.

As a result, because there wasn’t much human activity here, there aren’t a lot of invasive plants that were brought in and planted. Those that are invasive were brought by the birds and those who carry seeds, which is all natural. So we’re discovering all the native plants that are already here.

We’ve found sassafras trees, which are very important but often considered to be weeds. Also the maypop, such a beautiful flower, wild and natural in Georgia. Also, trillium. Some very unusual, lovely and well-populated native plants. Just what nature ordered.

Above photos are sassafras leaves and trillium with woodland poppy.