These photos may not be as cute as our shots of parrots, but we assure you, these pipes are an essential part of making their lives healthy and happy.

Birds on The Brink Sanctuary has three miles of pipes underground in its water system. The water is purified five or six times before given to the birds, plus there’s a constant flow of fresh water for them to drink or bathe in.

We also created a koi pond and waterfalls. This is how it works: The koi fish use the pond as a bathroom. That is filtered out and pumped back into the waterfalls where the plants are. The plants eat the fish excrement, replenish the oxygen and purify the water. The water is then sent through three giant filters that have 400 watts of Ultraviolet light on them 24 hours a day. The koi pond has 13,500 gallons of water with three pumps, the one main bird pump circulating it four times per hour. It is tested to exceed human grade water.

Now, wouldn’t you love to have that as your water supply?

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