Bird Food Storage

Shelf life of bird food depends on the climate that it’s in. We tell people: if you feed ¼ pound of bird food a day to your bird, don’t buy any more than 10 pounds and keep it in the freezer. However, no matter what type of seed or how much seed, there’s always going to be a seed moth in it. Those are little moths that are in the husks of the shell. Given warm temperature and humidity, you’ll see cobwebs inside the bag of bird food. But they’re not spider webs. They’re seed moths. So you only take out what you need to last for a week. Keep the rest in the freezer. By the time you feed it to them, it’s thawed.

We’ve just added Parrot Southern Blend (see above photo) to our bird food line-up. This product contains assorted nuts, gummies, fortified seeds and pellets. To purchase it or any of our other “Birds on the Brink” Gourmet Bird Food products, for local pick up, go here. For shipment, it’s available on Ebay and Amazon.

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