Come and Excite Your Curiosity!

We’d love to see you at Birds on the Brink Sanctuary on any Saturday from 11am to 3pm. Our two new education centers are now open. Want to see the way a butterfly does? Go to Sarah’s Butterfly World. Or in the Hatch Hut learn about endangered species using the latest fun technology. Then walk over the Beyond Bridge and meander through the Enchanted Fluorescent Garden to further explore the unseen world of fluorescence.


Sarah’s Butterfly World – See what butterflies see when they look at a flower.


Stroll through the HATCH HUT and identify the endangered species of the rain forest and much more, using the technology tools of Augmented Reality, High Definition 3-D and Artificial Intelligence.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: HAPPY DAYS!!! Birds on the Brink Sanctuary will be reopening again on Saturday, May 30, 2020. From then on, we'll be open every Saturday from 11am - 3 pm.

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