A Bird’s and Dog’s Eye View

The adventures of Mr. T – Birds on the Brink resident tortoise

Bentley:  Hey, Leo, have you heard the scuttlebutt going around Birds on the Brink Sanctuary?

Leo:   No, I haven’t Bentley, I’ve been busy making local appearances.

Bentley:  Well, you’re never going to believe this. You know, Mr. T, the tortoise who lives near the second flight, just returned from a Walkabout. He was gone for over three months and he told me that he travelled nearly one mile during his adventure. That he was never lost, but so enjoys wandering. Isn’t that awesome? I’d be so scared to do that because you never know what you might come across out there.

Leo:  Do you know why he decided to go on a Walkabout?

Bentley:  He told me that it was springtime and he could see the tall grasses on the other side of his enclosure and that it was just a natural instinct to want to go to eat them. He said he had to push one of the 55-pound railroad ties of his enclosure out of the way to get out. But once out, he was so curious about his surroundings that he just kept walking. So, three months passed and it wasn’t until he heard some children laughing and playing that he longed for human contact again. So he followed the voices to the children. They were so excited to see him and started to talk to him and pet him. He said it was so much fun being with the kids, but then they left.

Leo:  Yeah, that Mr. T just loves children. I’m sure they thought it so funny to see such a large tortoise in the woods. But wait, Bentley, how did he get back to Birds on the Brink?

Bentley:  The children came back with an adult, who knew it was very unusual for a tortoise of his size and nature to be out in the woods. So the man picked him up and put him in the back of a truck, and the next thing Mr. T knew, Ron and Larry were calling his name. He said that they love to call him T Bone, and once he heard their call, he ran towards them.

Leo:   I bet that once back in his enclosure, he felt happy and safe. But you know, Bentley, I’m not sure you and I would have done as well in the wild as Mr. T. Like so many other pets, we have been trained from the very beginning to stay close to home, so we have not developed our survival instincts like him. We’d best not venture far from home, but we can live vicariously through Mr. T. I can’t wait to talk with him to hear about what he saw on his Walkabout. I wonder if he will take another excursion next springtime.

Meet Mr. T – click on the video below


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