A Possum With a Name?

“I saw quite a few things while on my walkabout away from Birds on the Brink, and one of them was a possum named Peggy. Did you know they had names? Neither did I. She came over to check me out while I was eating one of the plants my snake friend told me about. (If I ever learn what it’s called, I must tell Ron and Larry back at BOTB to start putting this in my food!).

Peggy showed off by climbing up the trunk of a tree. She knew very well that because of my shell and because I’m so close to the ground, I would never be able to do that. But despite that, I liked Peggy. She told me some jokes about other animals in the woods and especially the ones to avoid. (Hear that, coyote?) We hung out together for about a week and then it was time for my tortoise exploring instincts to take hold again.

Well, the next person I met was a deer, a really young one.  I met his mother, too, she checked me out and I guess decided I was no threat. I think in my next life I might like to be a deer. They are so graceful and beautiful.

They also showed me something else tasty that I could eat. They liked it, but I did not! It was way too bitter.

I had been gone from BOTB for about 3 weeks now and wondered why nobody was searching for me. But I figured they would eventually.

Because the next animal I ran into really scared me. A wild hog! Come back for my next installment to read all about how I handled it.”

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