The King of the Jungle might have just lost his title to a Mother Elephant.

Watch as this Lion stalks and waits for his moment to snatch this baby elephant from under the mother’s watchful eye.

The 17-year-old mother elephant, named Nablus, sees the lion approaching and charges him to protect her calf. The lion, with a moment of good sense thrown in, can be seen running away, while the mother takes her calf to a safe place.

The filmer, Matt Brierley, writes: “This is the first time lions have been documented stalking and attacking elephant calves in Samburu National Reserve. The elephants in Samburu are closely monitored and this elephant is Nablus from the Biblical Towns elephant family.”
“The baby elephant is the first calf to Nablus, who turns 18 in April.”

We say Brava Nablus for protecting and taking care of your precious, little one!

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