A Bird’s and Dog’s Eye View

Amethyst Geode

Leo:  Bentley, did you know that there will be an Amethyst Geode placed near our Macaw flight at Birds on the Brink Sanctuary?

Bentley:  Nope, I didn’t know that. I just love amethyst crystal. It’s one of my favorite. What a great choice!

Leo:  Amethyst will be placed near the Macaw flight because it is a crystal that is prevalent in Brazil, which is where most of us macaws are from. And it is the crystal’s energy or vibration or mineral content that macaws are very familiar with, thus adding to our environment here.

Bentley:  So, is it similar to humans eating things that give them a relationship with vibrations they assimilate that help them stay alive? Like humans sitting in a salt cave to absorb the minerals or hugging a tree to experience the information, vibration and energy that feed both?

Leo: Yes, that’s right. However, birds tend to be more sensitive and are able to absorb specific energies more than humans. Rather than birds just eating food given to them, they also absorb what they need from trees, plants, water, and minerals in their environment. Things they don’t have to eat to survive, but by absorbing can derive a benefit from them as well. So, it is very important for things to be placed in their environment that are natural to their habitat so they thrive.

Bentley:  Oh, what fun we’ll have exploring the idea of absorption or communication among living things at Birds on the Brink. This type of extraordinary communication is what I experience with my owner, which isn’t within the typical human senses. That’s why humans love being with animals so much, as we show them more about communicating with other species.

View the beautiful Amethyst crystal below:


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