A Bird’s and Dog’s Eye View

What’s it all about, Leo?

Bentley: Leo, have you noticed that so many people on Earth are leaving where they were born and moving somewhere else?

Leo: Yes, it’s called migration, Bentley, and it’s not just humans moving around. Animals are, too, so are plants. In fact, all living things are naturally beginning to migrate. You’ll find plants in places they’ve never been before, the same with animals.

Bentley: But why? I just don’t understand it.

Leo: Well, we are in a huge evolution right now on Earth and this is affecting all living things, you and me included. We all have access to the same awareness or information that humans do, because it comes from Creation. Information is Creation and it’s not segregated into minerals and plants and animals and humans. Because there’s no separating, we all can feel this evolution and this need to change and move and adapt.

Bentley: I knew you were the one to ask. How come you know all this anyway?

Leo: I’m a macaw, we can go places in consciousness that others can’t always, like Beyond the Beyond. But that’s another post.

Bentley: Good. That’s enough for today. But I hope you don’t migrate anytime soon!

Leo: No plans to.

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