The bird on the left above is Merlin, a Blue-Fronted Amazon parrot. He is the oldest bird here at Birds On The Brink Sanctuary. He was 75 years old when his owner died and he came to live with us. He’s 84 now, we think. The reason we only think it is because he is an import bird and imports don’t come with papers.

The trees in tropical climates were cut down, the birds living in the trees were snatched, their wings and tails clipped, they were stuck in shoeboxes, and then shipped overseas.

Merlin has the most beautiful colors on a Blue-Fronted Amazon you’ll ever see, simply because he’s an import bird. There is nothing domestic about him whatsoever. His best buddy is Caesar, a domestic-bred Blue-Fronted Amazon. They are the same breed. But if you put them side-by-side, they look like a brilliant color drawing and a very muted color drawing. Notice the shot of them side-by-side above. Merlin on the left, Caesar on the right. See the difference?

Another thing: parrots do not show age the way people and other animals do. Merlin is 84, Caesar is 17. You can’t tell the difference between them except by size and color.