A Bird’s and Dog’s Eye View

Beyond Survival

Bentley:  Leo, have you noticed all the media coverage about the #Me Too Movement in the human world? You know, that same type of predatory–or power of superiority–behavior acknowledged by the movement has always gone on in the animal kingdom as well. So, I’ve been wondering: why has this movement come forth now, if this type of behavior has always existed?

Leo:  Well, what I think is that when living things no longer need to worry about survival, then they’re free to express or share their experience. So, when given the opportunity, that dormant experience that hasn’t been expressed looks for signs of validation or similarity so that their story gets to have a voice. And once there is some acknowledgement of that personal story, or one’s experience of their experience, there is a safe environment to express that. Sharing one’s experience no longer makes one feel stupid or costs one security and safety.  Fortunately at this time in this civilization, both the animal and human kingdoms are less concerned about survival and more about expression.

Bentley:  Yes, one’s silence or fear of speaking out about some injustice is a strategy for surviving. I would guess then that, as more animals are being domesticated or protected, they no longer need to fight for their survival. So, I’d bet that predatory behaviors and “survival of the fittest” have diminished somewhat in this realm as well.

Leo:  You are absolutely correct! As shelter and food are more plentiful for those in the animal kingdom, agreements within the group change, and survival is taken care of. Roles within each group also tend to change, such as no longer the need for the hunter/gatherer or scout, thus transitioning groups from survival to moving beyond survival.