Meet this wonderful duo of Max, a 12-year-old Husky, and Quackers, a 4-year-old duck. These two animals became best friends and are now the pride and joy of the teeny-tiny town of Strout, MN. where they live.
The town boasts a population of a whopping 25 people, so Max and Quackers are well-known to all the residents and can frequently be seen out patrolling their domain.

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This unlikely friendship between a dog and a duck provides a great reminder that kindness and compassion transcends all that which may traditionally divide us. Remember, it is not impossible to buck tradition and create a bond with someone who may not be exactly the same as you. With this in mind, the pair has now become a symbol of how to “put aside your differences.”


Max and Quackers Napping in the Park

Max and Quackers Napping in the Park


Story by By John Lauritsen/ CBS affiliate WCCO-TV

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