Surprise your Feathered Friend with a special treat this Holiday Season!

Parrot Seed Cookie     


1 large egg
¼ stick of butter
½ cup wheat flour
½ cup instant oatmeal
½ cup total of seeds (sunflower, safflower, millet)
Slices of cheese

Mix all ingredients, it will be sticky.
Roll out on a well-floured parchment paper to ½” thick.
Cut into cookie cutter shapes and place a small piece of sliced cheese on each cookie.
Place on cookie sheet and bake for 8-10 minutes until golden brown.
Let cookies cool, then store in a sealed container.

They will love you for making this tasty and healthy treat for them!

Mango the bird eating a cookie

Mango gives these cookies 4 claws up!

Want to Help Some of Mango’s Friends at Birds on the Brink Sanctuary eat cookies too?

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leo and bentley