A Bird’s and Dog’s Eye View

Are You a Girl or Are You a Boy?

Bentley: Okay, Leo, I’m confused again.

Leo: About what?

Bentley: These whole #Me Too and #Time’s Up movements that are going on right now. Please explain.

Leo: Well, in our natural evolution, we are moving out of the male/female gender dynamic in all living things. So it’s not just about humans. The way the whole gender thing was put together was relatively patriarchal. In other words, male dominating. And that was because the male was the weaker of the two.

Bentley: What? You and I are weaker because we’re male?

Leo: Far, far weaker, I’m afraid. The capacity to engage both sides of the brain is very limited and difficult, so the tendency is to really work one side only and that tends to be survival-based. And when it came to humans, the male was the hunter/gatherer, again survival, right? But when that became rules and laws and how society works, the entire moral structure was developed in that weakness, not through the strength.

Bentley: Okay, I get what you’re saying, that life based on the need to survive does not allow other options, potentials or strengths to be revealed. But why is the female the stronger of the two?

Leo: In the womb, the developing of the male gender takes away from the brain development, in fact, anything in the head, the eyes, ears and so on. The female has some extras added, more cones in the retina of the eye, another bone in the ear, a different palate with the tongue, a little chamber in their sinuses. Plus, they have a very well-developed corpus callosum, which brings one side of the brain into another. When you have to divide into gender, you have to divide into the weaker of the two. And that has been survival. So when the weaker develops its own strength, the stronger says, “Okay, you’re the hunter/gatherer, great, go do that. I can do all the other stuff. Get out of the way.”

Bentley: How about we just don’t divide into gender anymore?

Leo: Perfect, Bentley! Eventually, society will no longer define gender as it has in the past. And the #Me Too and #Times Up movements are the first step in all of this!