Let’s Trip Along into the Beyond

Monday Morning: A Bird’s and Dog’s Eye View

Leo: Bentley, I love this photo of you. What are you looking at?

Bentley: I’m just looking beyond.

Leo: Beyond what?

Bentley: That’s a good question, Leo. I don’t know. I read that word somewhere and it keeps coming into my head. I figure if I just keep looking beyond, maybe something will appear. Or it will make sense.

Leo: Well, I can tell you a little about that, if you’re interested.

Bentley: Yes, please! My neck’s beginning to hurt.

Leo: Lots of times when we’re here in our lives, we are guided by or restricted to all the preconceived rules of our ego’s experience of survival. We are restricted by personal, family and societal agreements that dictate to us what we should do or be to belong and be safe. But what if, we were able to really experience “more” or be more beyond all the restrictions?

Bentley: But how do I do that? How do I open up or allow the more of who I really am?

Leo: First of all, you need to allow yourself to have your own “experience of your experience.” Allow your unique experience rather than what you are told your experience should be. Secondly, acknowledge where you are caught in your own personal survival agreements, which can be limiting. Identify where you follow the collective crowd rather than allowing for what you know to be true for you. Once you can see how this survival system we are born into really works, and accept it for what it is without any desire to change it, the beyond or “more” has an opening to show up for you. You know Bentley, that is one of the reasons I love Birds on the Brink Sanctuary so much, as it’s about exploring the more that exists around us. It supports us to be “on the brink” to experience and express the more of who we are!

Bentley: You mean, we are “on the brink” of something?

Leo: Yes, I think so. And maybe that is the beyond you’re looking for.

Bentley: Cool.

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