Who I Am,
By Leo the Macaw

People keep asking me how I came to be at Birds on the Brink. Let me fill you in on some of my life so far.

It’s true that I am 2 years old right now, but when I was merely 6 weeks old, I was purchased by a loving man who wanted to raise me as a tiny chick and hand feed me, “so I would love him.” The only problem was, he forgot to ask how often I would need to be hand fed! Young parrots such as I was need food every 4 hours, round the clock for 14 weeks!

But there was no way either he or his wife could be awake round the clock to feed me, so he asked the breeder to please take me back. Getting no for an answer, he then brought me to Feathered Friends Forever in Harlem, Georgia, where I’ve been ever since.

Ron Johnson and his wife Tammy fed me according to schedule until I was able to feed myself. They played with me a lot and showed me what it was to be loved by many different people. I learned to relax while lying on my back (not typical for parrots they say), so I would be okay with whatever came my way. They were training me to be able to go to many places as a teaching tool for those who’ve never had any interaction with large birds.

Leo spokes bird at Birds on the Brink Sanctuary


I now allow a person’s finger to be placed in my beak without biting so hard that I’d hurt the person. I’m learning how to be safe or stay out of trouble when I’m free to wander and explore.

I’ve been told I’m a Virgo and one thing Virgos love is to be of service. I love my life here, am continually learning new words in English, I practice late at night when no one is listening and look forward to whatever this life brings me.

Stay tuned…………