All our birds at Birds on The Brink Sanctuary, with the exception of the parakeets, eat the same food.

In the winter, we feed the birds what we call “gummies.” That’s fruit added to their regular fortified food. Why just the winter? Because if we fed them that in the summer, it would attract every yellow-jacket ant for 100 miles. They do get fruit in the summer, but in a separate bowl that has to be picked up within a half hour.

So in the winter the first things they grab out are the papaya and mango. Then the banana chips (which they dip in water to soften), the peanuts and then the pineapple.

And because our birds are in our open flights, they also get a lot of flies. Which they eat!

Above: check out our own Fiona eating her favorite piece of fruit, an apple! She loves all red fruit, maybe to match her beautiful feathers?