Bentley: “Hey, Leo, what’s that?”

Leo: “Orange.”

Bentley: “Well, why aren’t you just snarfing it down like other birds I’ve seen?”

Leo: “Because that’s not my way. I peel it first, very slowly, savoring the experience, delaying the gratification.”

Bentley: “Well, that’s a bit weird, if you ask me. If I liked oranges, which I don’t, I would gulp it right down.”

Leo: “So that’s your way, Bentley, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I know the orange isn’t going anywhere, and after all, I’m told that Virgos like me are neat, clean and fastidious.”

Bentley: “OK, Leo, I get it! One way to do something is not better than another, but one’s own way may be the best.”

leo and bentley


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