“Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”  Fiona

Hi, it’s Fiona, animal ambassador for Birds on the Brink Sanctuary.

One of the free gifts we hand out to visitors at our sanctuary is a black light. When you shine this light on certain flowers, rocks and other things in nature, you’ll get an idea of what we parrots (as well as butterflies and bees) can see naturally. We not only see the same colors that humans see, but these colors are more vibrant for us, as we need this to find food and to protect ourselves from predators. But we also see more.

I have an extra cone in my eyes so I can see ultraviolet light, too, which is something humans cannot see without using a special light. There is a great site online that describes my sense for color and how this benefits me.  To learn more about my ability to see ultraviolet color, just click here.

So come and visit us and see what we’ve created at BOTB: A forever home for birds, butterflies and bees!





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