Did you know that hummingbirds can see fluorescence? They are also major pollinators, so they are part of our pollination garden at Birds on the Brink.

Their ability to see flowers is based on fluorescence. They love the red flowers, but we didn’t know why. There’s a component in their eyes that makes them capable of being attracted to the plants that give them their nectar. But we don’t want to feed them, we want them to be able to use the plants that are there.

One of the things we’re finding is that they’re having difficulty, not with extinction or being threatened, but that the more people feed them, the more the hummingbirds are actually becoming very vulnerable to a lot of fungi and molds and chemicals and over-processing in giving them too concentrated a water, and all kinds of other things.

What’s important is finding a balanced formula for hummingbirds and how we humans can best support them without over-helping them. We’ll share what’s going on with hummingbirds, what’s threatening them. In our own human environment. It’s not whether or not you plant a garden or that gardens are being destroyed as we feed hummingbirds, but just what is our behavior doing to their migrating patterns, what is that doing to their bodies?

As we learn more, we will share how we humans can be more conscious, aware and supportive in a real way that isn’t harming these wonderful birds.