Rescues are a place for parrots that need care when they have no place to go. In a rescue, parrots are typically housed in individual cages in a building. An exception to this is at the largest parrot rescue in the country, Feathered Friends Forever, where parrots live in large outdoor flights when it’s considered safe for them. Rescue parrots’ wings are clipped so they can’t fly. They are fed standard parrot pellets and seeds, supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Birds come to the rescue for a variety of reasons: closure of a pet shop or breeder goes out of business, an owner dies, the owner can’t afford the care or is moving and can’t take them or just doesn’t want them anymore. Sometimes they are displaced by natural disasters or poor care. In a rescue many of the birds are available for adoption. However, birds are not typically good pets. They scream, they are messy, self-mutilating and they BITE! Unfortunately, rescues are full of the unwanted, unhealthy, sad and mean birds.


A Sanctuary is a forever home for parrots that are considered endangered or threatened. Very often, because they have been over-bred, they have health issues, and because they have been hand-raised, they have to learn how to be birds again. At no time can they be released into the wild, as they would not survive.

At Birds on the Brink Sanctuary, they are cared for as individuals. They all have names and stories. In the Sanctuary, special needs and individual preferences of food and habitat are accommodated, which takes them out of the threat of survival to a closer expression of their true nature.

At Birds on the Brink, they are fully flighted and live in large enclosures or an aviary. Living with other parrots gives them a better chance to be birds, not pets. They are cared for in such a way that they live longer, happier and healthier bird lives. We focus on educating people about parrots, including their required care and the state-of-the-art habitats we’ve designed for them.

The Sanctuary parrots are not adoptable, nor will they ever be bred. Birds on the Brink Sanctuary cherishes the beauty of all parrots and is deeply saddened by the threat to their existence on our earth. We love seeing them happy, flying, singing, and talking to everyone that comes to visit them. Parrots are companion animals, as they are fascinated with people and love to perform for them, but they are not good pets.