How We Might Be Able To See!

We humans may think we are the best of all species, but there are simply things our senses cannot do that other species can. For example, birds, butterflies and bees can see fluorescence. Humans cannot. Our senses are just not as sophisticated as those of other living things on the planet.

The human eye won’t ever evolve to be able to see what birds see. It’s simply not a dormant potential. In order for us to see fluorescence, we have to use something like a black light.

But take heart. What scientists want to do is create an eye implant or a lens that goes over the human eye so we can see fluorescence. The key point here is that the brain is able to process that information, it’s the eye that can’t translate it. If the brain can see it, it absolutely can process it to make a distinction. Scientists are now trying to duplicate the lens of those species that can see this.

Birds, bees, butterflies, fish……….a lot of animals are capable of this color transmitting. Scientists know very well how to test that and you’ll find that with every other sense as well. They’re looking to see if there can’t be some way of using implants in our ears to pick up sounds that are indistinguishable by the human ear.

They’re studying the nose as well, but that’s farther behind. Stay tuned!!