Opportunity to Explore Extinction and Evolution!

When you come to visit Birds on the Brink Sanctuary, don’t miss the Hatch Hut, one of our education centers. Through the aid of augmented reality, you’ll be transported to the rainforest, a place where the leopard, howler monkey and macaw parrot are all on the verge of extinction. And although you’ll have an opportunity to explore the reasons for their extinction, at the same time you’ll be introduced to their magnificence and the potential of the greater evolution taking place.

Knowing that birds can see fluorescent colors that humans cannot, our visitors will get to explore the colorful visual world of the bird. With birds awakening our curiosity about fluorescent colors, we’ve expanded our search for fluorescent colors into the Universe and depths of the Earth as well. You’ll be able to experience all of these in the Hatch Hut!

The above photo shows our Communications Director, Sally Haushalter, along with Facilities Engineer Ron Johnson off to the right. We are hammering as fast as we can and as soon as it’s all put together, we’ll send out an announcement.