Hate These Despised Animals? Check Out These  Facts That Might Change Your Mind

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10 Facts About Groundhogs

They are also known as woodchucks and whistlers or whistle-pigs
They are rodents belonging to a group of ground squirrels called marmots, and are the largest species in the squirrel family
Adult groundhogs average 20 inches in length not including their 6- to 7-inch tail, weigh between 6 and 12 pounds, and live up to 6 years in the wild and 9 to 14 years in captivity
They are omnivores but primarily eat grass, vegetables and fruit
They can climb trees; they can also swim
Groundhogs are excellent burrowers and can move over 700 pounds of dirt to make their underground hideouts, which are so complex they even have bathrooms
They use their burrows for shelter, hibernating and sleeping, as a love nest and nursery
In colder climates, groundhogs enter hibernation in October and emerge in March or April (which means if Phil lived in the wild in Pennsylvania rather than in his climate-controlled burrow, he’d be in deep hibernation and unavailable for comment on February 2nd!)
Female groundhogs produce one litter a year of two to six blind, hairless and helpless babies
Humans are the number one enemy of groundhogs, followed by domestic dogs and the red fox