Wish Leo a Happy 2nd Birthday – August 16th!

Leo, our Birds on the Brink Sanctuary spokes-bird, along with Bentley our spokes-dog, are co-hosts of  “The Perch” – Monday Morning View. Tune in every Monday morning to see what they are exploring and talking about. It may be world events, fashion, new scientific discoveries, favorite recipes, some observation of theirs, or sharing of some new experience they had.

Leo loves imagination and fantasy. He likes to go beyond what anyone else is thinking, feeling or being. He’s driven from the inside to say there’s more, there’s more to explore! We hear him so often say, “What if, what if – I’m not going to throw out any possibility. We don’t have to hear it, see it, or smell it for us to know it exists.”  Leo is an advocate for moving beyond our external senses and starting to move in a rhythm and a flow with our internal senses. He champions the possibility of these internal senses being expressed in a world where only external senses have been considered real and internal ones considered a fantasy and imagination. His birthday wish is for everyone to experience their Authentic Self guided from within.

Leo and Bentley – “Birds on the Brink Sanctuary” Team Members who love to explore all of life!