Our Animals Need Companionship, Too!

If you recall, Frank lost his best friend Nancy last year, was inconsolable and wandered around his yard again and again looking for her. Due to the loss, he went into hibernation a month early. Here they are in happy days.

Frank and Nancy

But when he came out of hibernation, he was still sad and disoriented. He kept pacing about looking for her and tried to climb the two gates. One day he was  found on his back, a very dangerous situation, as tortoises can easily die if left too long that way.  So it was decided he needed new friends!

Frank’s human knew a man from Tai Chi class who had two desert tortoises (like Frank and Nancy) and one small Russian tortoise. But the male desert tortoise had recently died.

So Frank has moved!  This could be a perfect match if all goes well. And so far…….so good.