Fiona’s Great Escape and Rescue

(Download Fiona’s Story/Coloring Book for FREE)

Hi, it’s Fiona here, your animal ambassador for Birds on the Brink Sanctuary (BOTB).

Have you ever wondered how someone becomes an animal ambassador? Never in my entire short life would I ever have thought I’d be an ambassador for such a wonderful sanctuary that is a forever home for threatened and endangered animals like me.

My early life was so difficult that once I found my forever home at BOTB, I wanted to tell everyone my story, where I came from and why I am now doing what I love. I even wrote a book about it, and it’s a coloring book that everyone can enjoy.

So for your free copy, just click here: Fiona’s Great Escape and Rescue Coloring Book

I hope you enjoy my story and please share the coloring book with all your friends!

         Animal Ambassador Fiona


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