Making sure our recipes are great!

Do you have an official taste tester at your home? Well, we’ve got two! Mango and Fiona are both excellent taste testers, Fiona even more so, as she’ll eat anything! Paper, shoes, even a plant she wasn’t supposed to touch.

We are in the process of putting together a cookbook of treats for birds. Mini-omelets, quiches, cheese crackers and other yummy snacks. Fiona is our taster at every step of the way. So be sure to check back at Birds On The Brink Sanctuary for our cookbook, approved by our master tasters, Mango and Fiona.

“I really love interacting and communicating with Fiona. She’s great. She likes her picture taken. She is a funny bird and wants to play always. She loves to talk, has a great vocabulary, and is very smart and clever. Fiona and Mango get along nicely and I often find them sitting next to each other. When Fiona’s feeling a little cantankerous, she goes around on the floor behind Mango and pulls her tail. And then runs away.”  Maxine Jones

Mango and Fiona sharing dessert.